Cabinet~Inexpensive Furniture Makeover

Having a large family requires wise financial strategies. Over the years, we have saved so much money by getting free or nearly free furniture and renovating them. Much of our home furnishings have been acquired this way. This gem was found on Freecycle, but I didn't realize the extent of its damage because it was in a photo taken with many things and I could only see part of it in the picture. Thankfully, Dave was willing to go pick this up and tackle its renovation.

One of the doors was missing its glass and was in pieces. The other upper door needed to be tightened and stabilized with glue.

One of the lower doors had a poor repair job in the past so had white glue globs all the way down the door. Dave took it apart and did a much cleaner repair.

The top of the cabinet was not attached when we got this cabinet. Dave removed the old nails.

I opted to replace the glass with mesh because glass from one door was missing. The mesh cost $15 from Home Depot and was found in the garden department. We kept the original hardware. I'd love to know the history of this cabinet, but the hardware and the wood looks quite old.


Cabinet= free

Paint & glue=free (leftovers in my garage)

Dave's labor=free plus lots of appreciation and love



Total $15

It was a great upgrade from the child-sized armoire we had in this spot.

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