Easter Traditions~Resurrection Eggs

Want something fun and life-giving to do with your kids this Easter? Make Resurrection Eggs your new Easter tradition!

Easter is just around the corner! It is so easy to get sidetracked with life's to-do lists, that we miss the opportunity to teach our children about Christ's resurrection. Easter is the most attended church service of the year, so clearly, many people understand the significance. However, teaching the Easter story at home, with a hands-on activity will make a significant impact.

Approximately 20 years ago, one of my dear friends gave me a set of Resurrection eggs she had made. The joy it gave my family each Easter prompted me to make them and give them to others every year.

I am giving YOU the instructions to make your own. These instructions are not set in stone; have fun, be creative, and find things that represent each concept in the Easter story. Mine vary depending what I can find that year.

Open the eggs in order, starting at 1. We sit around a circle and keep going around a circle letting each person have a turn until all the eggs are opened.

To make your own, buy 12 plastic eggs, the larger size. Remember to get things which will fit inside the egg you bought. Click here to get the papers to put inside your eggs!

Egg #1 Palm Branch

I find anything at a craft store that resembles a palm branch. I usually buy something that I cut into small pieces.

Egg #2 Scroll

I buy dowels at any home improvement store and cut them into short segments. The greatest commandment is provided for free HERE which you can download and print. Cut into strips to make several scrolls or just one. I just use a basic school glue to attach the paper to the dowels. Let them dry overnight and then roll up from both sides and put a rubber band around it.

Egg #3 Communion Cup and Bread

For the communion cup, you can either buy them on-line or sometimes your local church may let you have 1 if you explain what it is for-or save one from communion if your church uses them. I use a plain white bagel which is cut into small wedges. After cutting it, I let it dry out on the counter for a day or 2. I then apply a thin layer of school glue over the whole bread piece. It will not crumble and lasts many years.

Egg #4 Kiss and silver coins

I use 2 Hershey kisses and 3 dimes to symbolize 2 kisses and 30 pieces of silver.

Egg #5 Handcuffs

The easiest thing I have found are the 1 inch key chain circles which have an easy open/close hook clasp. We buy some chain from a home improvement store and my hubby cuts them into small 2-3 link segments.

Egg #6 Cross

Any small cross will work.

Egg #7 Nail

I like the large rustic nature of masonry nails, 2.5", but any nail is fine.

Egg #8 Crown of thorns

I cut dead branches from my rose bush, but have used various branches with thorns over the years.

Egg #9 Torn curtain

Any fabric which may look like a curtain in a temple is fine, torn or cut into two.

Egg #10 Stone

Any stone which fits in an egg.

Egg #11 Strips of cloth

I cut up old t-shirts for this.

Egg #12 Flowers

Any fake flowers, little chicks or bunnies work for this one. I just buy mine at a craft store.

To get the free document which you can print and cut into strips to put into each egg, click HERE.

I highly recommend making your own set with the help of your kids. Make another set to share with a friend. These can be used over and over again for many years. We just buy some new Hershey kisses each year for egg #4.

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