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A Reversal of Expectations

January 15, 2018

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Save Money~Time~Eliminate Daily Struggle~and Still Have Family Dinners!

October 14, 2017

Do you find yourself…


 in line at the drive-thru more often than not? 




eating on the run, grabbing a bite to eat for you and your children to eat on the way to a child’s practice or activity? 


and your family eating whenever and whatever you feel like, everyone on his own schedule?


and your family eating in front of the computer or TV or alone in your bedroom?


I get it, it seems impossible to make a dinner AND have everyone home to eat at the same time!  I have kids on swim team, so understand the challenges of having practice right during dinner hour and also a husband with a long commute who gets home very late each day.  Having a spouse who travels frequently is also something we have had to deal with for several years of our marriage. 


However, as I covered in "What's the Big Deal about Family Dinners Anyway?," there are a lot of benefits to eating dinner at home, together.  Even if this can be accomplished sometimes, striving to increase the frequency is going to be a worthwhile endeavor.   


Trust me, this is an area I struggled with so long. I was pretty good at baking because I did a lot of it growing up. Baking was something I enjoyed, and it was rewarding to see my treats quickly devoured by my brothers and—when I was older—my husband and children.