Spending time completely engaged with your children with no electronic devices will strengthen your relationship and fill their love tanks. Carving out 10-15 mins. makes a world of difference! Below are some of our families favorite games and activities.

King of Tokyo Game

My oldest son bought this for my kids last Christmas and many of them really like this game.  It can have surprising come backs.

Ultimate or Regular Frisbee

Throw a Frisbee with your kids, either in a game or just throwing it back and forth.  It is a fun, low cost, coordination building, family bonding activity.  Any frisbee will do.  


When asking my children what their favorite family activity is, making smores is at the top of the list!  Leave technology devices behind, grab some marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and gather around a campfire for a time to connect with your children.

Roll for it!

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Quick and easy dice game our family has enjoyed for years.  It is small, so easy to take with you.


This has been one of my children's favorite games for over 17 years!  From grandparents down to young kids, this will make everyone laugh!  Charades made into a game! 


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